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Thread: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

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    Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    Recently Opera 10.50 is gone out for release. The beta version is out now. I am looking for the improvements done in this. Just by seeing the same is hard to figure out what changes has been done to this except the interface. What are the improvements of this browser as for flash support and using the same on Windows 7. What about cross platform support for the same.

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    Re: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    With a user interface much more integrated into the host system as in previous versions, Opera 10.50 now operates advanced Microsoft Windows 7. Opera Software has already made great work on its interface in recent years, especially since Opera 9.50. And this new beta contains also a large batch of new variety, associated with unprecedented integration. Several points have been improved, as the dynamic dialogs, which now are no longer blocking, etc.

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    Re: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    The new version also gives an opportunity for Opera Software to deliver a coat of paint on certain features, like search text in web-pages. Now it is much more elegant and convenient to use. Nor should we forget the manager password, which now behaves the same way as Firefox or Chrome, asking whether a password must be saved from a menu bar non-blocking position top of the web-page.

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    Re: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    I had found that opera using all the latest releases of Windows 7. The use of lead Aero Glass can provide skin creators the right to use transparency options, but also the integration of JumpListes. These allow access to favorite sites directly from Opera's icon, that since the new taskbar in Windows 7. The menu bar disappears from the interface and is replaced by a button on the top left of the browser.

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    Re: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    Completely revised in Cocoa, the native interface for Mac OS X, Opera 10.50 abandons almost completely Carbon. As a reminder, Carbon is an older interface compatibility that Apple tends to drop. Opera improves design approaches and new software interfaces since Apple introduced Leopard. 10.50 Opera, in its version of Unix / Linux, now comes with three different graphics libraries. These will be used by system and user preferences.

    Download it from here

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    Re: Need information on Opera 10.50 Beta

    Under KDE, based on the Qt graphics library, use Opera too Qt, while under other desktop environments, the browser will be able to use Xlib directly. It will thus be able to operate without any dependency on any machine with a Unix-like system with an X Window server. In recent years, however, the speed of JavaScript engines has grown, particularly with the arrival of Google Chrome and its formidable engine called V8. This was quickly followed by SquirrelFish Extreme or Nitro Safari and Firefox's TraceMonkey. Three new engines based on the compilation of JavaScript into native code, a process also called compilation on the fly, providing very high performance.
    Opera 10.50 Download :

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