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Thread: Unable to see attached images in Mail

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    Unable to see attached images in Mail

    Hello friends,
    I have a computer with windows vista installed in it and i use internet explorer as a default browser. I always surf web for some information and for chatting purpose. I have a mail account, in that mail my most of the friends they send me mail which includes images in it, the problem is that i am not able to open the attached pictures in my mail as my system gives me a messages that "application not found". By this error i am not able to see all the attached images in my mail. Please tell me how to fix this problem.

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    Re: Unable to see attached images in Mail

    The problem that you are facing could be from the side of sender and with your computer. For example, i can set Outlook Express that not to send photos in outgoing messages from it. In this case the recipient would can only see a red X in the place of the photo where the pictures normally appear. So, you might be starting troubleshoot by confirming with the sender that their email client is sending a photo. Also you can tell me that what you are using for email to see, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, webmail, etc.?

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    Re: Unable to see attached images in Mail

    Your problem could be the with the security features which is present in most of the new updated versions of browser. This unable the user to see any kind of unknown files which can harm your computer. If you want then you can right click on the attached files and try to download the attached images. If you want to always download images then select tools and in option go to the security tab, click on the change automatic download setting button change it.

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    Re: Unable to see attached images in Mail

    Most of the people they suffer this kind of problem, which is caused by the problem is the security setting in Outlook Express. You need to check under the Tools then to the Options menu, and click on the Security tab. In that there is a check box which is stated as "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened" which sould be a virus. You need to uncheck the box and after that try to re-open the message. Now you should be able to view the attachement in your mail.
    There are other problem by which you can face problem,
    1. File format issues
    2. Determining what program is associated with a file type
    3. Compressed files

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    Re: Unable to see attached images in Mail

    How to solve the attached images issue. It is explained as the attachment which ends in .jpg is a jpeg compressed image. And the .gif is a graphic image format. There are most of the graphics programs which open these file types. The images can also be sent in .tif format. The TIF format is Imaging format for Windows. This software is installed with most of the Windows operating systems. Which helps you to view .tif images which is attached to an email. I think the software is corrupted in your sytem and you need to re-install it again.

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