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Thread: Mozilla Firefox download problem

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    Mozilla Firefox download problem

    Hello, I am facing some problems while updating Mozilla firefox on my computer. The operating system on the computer is Windows XP. I use Mozilla firefox to access the internet. The problem is whenever I try to update the browser, the update procedure starts and then it gives an error that the firefox is running and needs to be closed, click on OK to terminate firefox. When I click on OK, both Firefox and update procedures quit. Due to this I am not able to update the firefox. Is this some virus problem? If anybody is facing Mozilla Firefox download problem then please share some information about the same which may help me in solving the issue.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox download problem

    I think the installed version of the browser is corrupt due to which you are not able to update the browser. All the applications have lot of files which are associated to it. If any of the associated files of the application gets corrupt then the application will not work properly. The only way to solve the problem is to replace all the files which are corrupt. To replace the files which are corrupt, first uninstall the current installed version of the browser from the computer and then remove all the files/keys which are associated to the application. Once all the traces of the application are removed, download the latest version of the browser and then install it on the computer.

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    Re: Options instead of Mozilla firefox

    Have you tried using some other browser? There are many browsers which are available online which can be used instead of Mozilla firefox. Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are some of the available browsers. All the mentioned browsers have more or less similar functions and hence can be used instead of Mozilla firefox. Download one of the mentioned browsers and install it on the computer. Check if the newly installed browser is working properly or not.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox download problem

    Applications which are installed on the browser sometimes create some problem like the one which you are facing now. The files of the application or the add-on which is installed on the browser is corrupt and if such an application/add-on is installed on the computer then the files of the browser will also get corrupted which will result in the browser not working properly. Open the browser in safe mode and then see if the browser can be updated or not. In safe mode all the applications/add-ons are disabled therefore if the problem which you are facing is due to the installed application/add-on then the browser will work properly in safe mode. If the browser works properly in safe mode, then find and remove the application which is creating the problem.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox download problem

    During the updating procedure, the application which is being updated should be closed. This is because the files of the old version of the applications are replaced by files of the new version of the application. Therefore before trying to update the application, try to close all the processes of the application which has to be updated. To terminate all processes of the application, open the task manager and open the processes tab. In the processes tab, find and terminate all the running processes of Mozilla firefox. Once all the processes are terminated, try updating the browser and see if the problem persists.

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