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Thread: Application error to connection with internet

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    Application error to connection with internet

    Hi web gurus,
    I requires the solution with my Dell Inspiron 600 with the internet connection problem.I have two laptops one is installed with XP and another one with Mac as well as using the Time Warner cable- road runner service .My Mac system is going very well and but XP system has some problem.The cable company said you have no any problem regarding internet connection,check your computer system.

    When I start up my dell computer and open the Firefox or internet explorer,it generates the "Application Not available".Have you any solution then please reply me as quick as possible.

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    Application error to connection with internet

    You have taken the internet connection with any services,it doesn't matter for the connection and they replied also in positive,you have to check your system and clean the problem.There is no problem with cables and all.

    Whenever,you open the Firefox browser always occur error message as you need to check the proper transmission of IP extensions of your computer and may be the browser is occurring the problem means the installed files are not detecting properly with the connection.

    The different options are listed in the configuration of particular browser,just reconfigure that options again.

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    Application error causing IP

    Application error causing IP

    The application means the browser shows the error message and you troubleshoot all the problems regarding IP addresses and all.

    You need to configure the local setting for internet connection within your computer system which will take the below expanded form :

    1- Click on the start menu and select the All program.
    2- Go to the Accessories and click on the Command prompt.
    NOTE : You must be the administrator to open the command prompt.
    3- Execute the following command :
    C:/>ipconfig /flushdns
    And restart your computer system and check the configured changes.

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    Configuring MTU values

    Adjusting MTU values =>

    MTU setting difficulties can be occurred in slow network service but can't effect the abilities of users to access the needed applications.Sometimes we faced some problems regarding email attachments and other functions within Outlook and applications execution error happened because of the MTU problems.

    The Windows always built-in PPPoE client which has a default MTU of 1480 to know about more you have to click here .

    The MTU values can be changed using registry but you need to have more knowledge about the windows registry otherwise you may get another problem.

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    Fixing Application error with browser

    whenever you open the browser and enter some URL to open the desired site the you always found the Application error,to fix this this problem you can take a look at given suggestion with the steps:

    To solve this problem,you can use the features of Default browser in Windows vista and which would as follows:

    1. Click on Start and then choose default Programs.
    2. Click on the Set your default programs.
    3. Select your desired browser from the list and click Ok.
    4. Open the Set program access and computer defaults and apply the selected access.

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    System File Checker utility

    System File Checker

    Windows XP has the capability to secure itself from the system instability which is occurred by utility software.They can overwriting the important windows files.Commonly,it is happened with Windows 95 and Windows 98 versions.

    In Windows XP, there are refined protection of such important files.

    A command line utility can solve such type of problems named System File Checker as sfc.exe.It is executed from the command prompt as below :

    C:\> sfc /scannow
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