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Thread: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

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    How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    Hi there, I am the user of the Mozilla Firefox and my query is related to it only. Actually when we surf online then we read some article and find the same article with same content on other webpage also. So i am looking for the way that will make the search of the Web page with similar content easily. If this is possible the help to solve 'How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?'. Thank you

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    Re: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    'Glydo' is the extension that will help you to find the related content search of Webpage on the internet. Glydo is develop for the use of the Firefox user to get the similar content of an article on the Webpage to the other webpage so that you can get the news update. It also discover and Share Related News share the Videos and many more stuff that you can get when you will download it. So go with the same as you are looking for. I hope you will like it.

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    Re: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    Get news, video, tweets, info related to what you're doing now. Glydo automatically detects what you are interested in right now and suggests related web sites, news, tweets from twitter, videos & information, in an un-intrusive and helpful manner. Glydo helps you discover new and exciting content related to what you are browsing right now. For more about this go to the Mozilla Homepage.

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    Re: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    After you have downloaded this add on then you can check the functionality which will surprise you with the complete tool on the Status bar. On which lots of the button and updates are given on clicking which you will get to know about the Glydo. On clicking on the first button it i.e. R you will get the related content of the webpage with the similar content on another page. Thanks
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    Re: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    This add on will give you the stories and articles relevant to your current interests. This can also give you the video search result of your current interest that you are watching. You can get the top RSS feed and the latest news update with the help of this add on. You can use this for the tweet and find the tweeter user. So don't wait more and download it.

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    Re: How to find similar Webpage content in Firefox?

    To download this add on you have to go to the Mozilla extension page where you can get the download of this add on so go to the same and download. You can visit the Extension page by getting into the tools menu and then to the add on option. Now click on the search and type the name of the add on in the search so that you can get the same. Click on Add to Firefox and install it. Thats it.

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