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Thread: How to embed wav music playlist on my web page?

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    How to embed wav music playlist on my web page?

    I am web developer and I got the project from the Music company, in their requirement they want to give free song to listen for the user, but I am donít have any idea to How can I make a embed .wav music playlist on my web page? And suppose I not able to solve this problem then I lose this project, so please give me some idea to how I solve this problem.

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    Re: How to embed wav music playlist on my web page?

    Hey itís not a difficult task to accomplish; there are only a few steps away from embedding music on your website today.

    1) Insert these scripts in the <BODY> section of the page.

    <Script Language="JavaScript">
    if (mudoc.all)
    mudoc.write('<Script Language="JavaScript" Src="muamphtml.js"></Script><Script Language="JavaScript" Src="muamp.js"></Script>')
    var start="";
    if (mudoc.all){;;


    //Add songs list
    songtitle[0]="SName 1"
    songtitle[1]="SName 2"

    <Script for="jsaudio" event="OpenComplete()" Language="JavaScript">
    if (mudoc.all){
    if (start)
    <Script for="jsaudio" event="Error(a,b,c,d)" Language="JavaScript">
    if (start)
    if (mudoc.all){
    if(err.match('Cannot open'))

    2) Download the below ZIP file these zip file contain the muamp.js and muamphtml.js these are java script file and the image file.
    3) Set the positioning of the music player in your page.
    4) Define where the muamp.js and muamphtml.js files are located then add the following code in script section:
    if (mudoc.all)
    document.write('<Script Language="JavaScript" Src="Midi_player/muamphtml.js"></Script>
    <Script Language="JavaScript" Src="Midi_player/muamp.js"></Script>')
    5)then save this file in HTML format and run then you will see the music player on your web browser

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    Re: How to embed wav music playlist on my web page?

    This script displays a Midi player that runs from your browser, allowing the visitor to select a song to play from a list of MIDI, WAV or MP3 files. It's an advanced Midi player that actually allows you to jump, pause and manipulate the play list. It works in IExplorer, while other browsers will simply skip the script.

    Using following steps you displays music player that runs on from your web browser. Users are also select and play the songs from the play list.
    o First you have to select music files which you want to embed on the site. You also select form the CD or MP3 using your music player.
    o All the files you have to save on your server
    o Open the file directory that is located inside of your website's control panel.
    o Then upload New File using Browse button then select your music source file suppose you want to play your music from your music player then select your music player drive.
    o After uploading the music file in your directory then "Right Click" on the music file. then Select "Properties." Copy the web address for the file. this address should be end with .mp3
    o Then open file your files directory and then select the website where you want to add this embedded music player on. Then you see this should open in the HTML editor, then select this code and paste in your HTML editor to embed music on the page.
    o Then Save all the changes that you made to the HTML page. Then you run this page and now you should be able to hear the music playing.

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    Re: How to embed wav music playlist on my web page?

    Here are some easy steps to add your favorite music in your web site.
    Use following steps to adding the HTML music code
    • Find music or sound file which you want to play on your web site. I think use.mid files which is a good sound format to, this files are generally smaller and load quickly.
    • Without copy rights of these files you not able to use these files.
    • Upload the files and save on your server or if you don’t have own server then use FTP programs or your web host's file management control panel.
    • Then open the web page you want the song to load with. Use following HTML code in your site
    <embed src="musicfilename.wav" autostart="true" loop="false">

    In the place of "musicfilename.wav" here you have to add you music file name along with there path.
    Then save this file in .html. save song in the Root directory. Then your code look like something this:
    <embed src="c:/webfolder/music/musicfilename.wav" autostart="true" loop="false">
    When you run this page that time you see your browser address look like

    Music File Attributes
    After the path to your music file, you'll see a couple of attributes:
    autostart attribute: this attribute is use for when you start this page at that time you automatically listen the song when this attribute is true or if it is false then this music file will not automatically start you have to manually start it.
    loop attribute: this is attribute tell if you don’t want to automatically play this song or how many times you want to play this song. If this attributes value is “False” then this file will not automatically play or if you add the value then that much time it will play this song.

    Adjusting the Size of The Media Player
    Using following code you able adjust the music player size for that you have to use width and height attributes.
    <embed src="/music/musicfile.wav" autostart="true" loop="false" width="350" height="200">
    When you save and run this file that time you able listen the song on your web page.

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