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Thread: Help in setting up Gmail account in Eudora

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    Help in setting up Gmail account in Eudora

    Okay I am using a Windows XP system and have installed a new email client named Eudora. I installed it last night and tried to setup my Gmail account on it, but don't know was not able to. I am setting an email account on my computer for the first time. And I am not aware of this POP3 servers. So I didn't mess up and changed anything in it. So can some one please help me out to figure this issue.

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    Re: Help in setting up Gmail account in Eudora

    I have been using Eudora from a long time now. But from past 2 weeks it is behaving suspicious. Whenever I send a mail it takes a hell lot of time. And I have checked it by sending mail directly through the site it doesn't take this much time at all. So I don't know if I am right but is it because of any Virus attack on my computer. Because everything is working fine just that Eudora is not and now from past 2 days it has started giving error messages like "550 Relay Denied". Can some one please suggest me a solution for this.?

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    Re: Help in setting up Gmail account in Eudora

    Don't worry it is not because of any virus or spyware or trojan horse or malicious program. Its just that it is conflicting with the SMTP servers mentioned in your Eudora account. I guess over here you are using two different Internet service providers.
    Let me give an example
    If you connect to the internet with AT&T and try to send mail using Earthlink's mail server, you will get a 550 error. To fix this, you should try to use the SMTP server for the provider you have used to dial up and connect to the Internet.
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    Re: Help in setting up Gmail account in Eudora

    In order to setup a fresh new Gmail Account in Eudora just follow the steps given below.
    First you need to login to your Gmail account and go in the Settings option from the navigation bar on the webpage.
    Then click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
    Now below you need to select the option that says "Enable POP for all mail"
    Then select the action you want to take on the mails after you download them on your PC through Eudora.
    And then click on "Save Changes"
    Now over here we are done with the Gmail Settings. Now lets open Eudora and setup an account over there.
    In Eudora click on Tools > Personalities
    Then right click on the personalities window and select "New.."
    Then Choose the option "Skip directly to advanced account setup" and click on Finish.
    Then type Gmail under "Personalities Name"
    Then type in your name under "Real Name" and type in your Gmail Address under the option Email Address.
    Then again type your full Gmail address in "User Name" option.
    Then type "“" under 'SMTP Servers'
    Then click on Incoming Mail Tab and type "" under Server.
    Then click on Ok and that's it.
    You are done with the account settings and you now are ready to use Eudora for your Gmail account.

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