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Thread: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

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    Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    I have been using Mozilla Firefox for a while now on my desktop computer which is running on Windows Xp. Recently my firefox started to behave strangely while opening some websites. If i try to open certain sites using Mozilla firefox it gives a "Connection Interrupted" error. I am able to access certain sites but some sites also give error like "Connection was interrupted while negotiating". Is this because of some virus? Need Help.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    Are you using any kind of Firewall or Web security applications on the computer? If yes then it could be the reason behind this error. Many Firewalls and Web security applications block certain application from accessing internet. The blocked applications are generally not listed in the Web security applications trustworthy vendors, hence we have to add the applications which we use to unblock them. You can disable the entire firewall to access internet by using firefox or You can add firefox to the list of allowed applications so that the firewall will not block it again.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    This can be because of some files getting corrupted. Try to upgrade Mozilla firefox and see if the application works properly. Meanwhile check if you are able to access the websites which are blocked in firefox. If these websites open in other browser then the problem is certainly with firefox version you have installed. Uninstall the firefox and then edit the windows registry to remove the keys corresponding to firefox. Also remove the folder in which the browser was installed. After removing all the files related to firefox, reinstall the browser and get it updated.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    Many add-ons and third party applications which get installed with the firefox create such problems. To be sure if the problem is due to some application, start the browser in safe mode. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of the browser in which we can select the applications which we want to use. In safe mode the browser starts with minimum requirements which is required by it to run properly. You can disable all the add-ons and 3rd party application and check if the browser functions properly or not. If the browser works properly in the safe mode then enable the applications one by one and see which application is creating problem and remove it. To start the browser in safe mode type "firefox.exe\safemode" in the run window.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    Get your computer scanned by some updated antivirus program as it may be infected with some virus. Virus's are malicious program which tend to corrupt other applications. These programs get downloaded accidentally by the user while opening some websites. By looking at the your problem there is a great possibility that the application is corrupted by some virus. You can use the online scan functions provided by many antivirus software companies to scan the computer. If some infected files are found on the computer, repair or quarantine them and see if the browser functions properly.

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    Re: Mozilla Firefox getting connection interrupted error

    This is not because of some virus but it is a Browser hijack. Browser hijack is also done by using some programs which alter the system or the browser settings. In browser hijack the user is not allowed to visit certain websites or is redirected to some random website when certain websites are accessed. Many times the problem can be solved only by clearing the cache and the private data of the browser. To clear the private data of mozilla firefox, open the browser and then go to tools and select "Clear private data" option. Now check mark all the boxes and click ok.

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