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Thread: Free reverse DNS lookup service.

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    Free reverse DNS lookup service.

    My question is related to the Domain Naming Service. I am using the windows 7 operating system and i have never faced any problem while using this operating system. I just want to know what is DNS Replication and how to Reverse DNS lookup ?

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    Reverse DNS lookup service.

    A reverse IP domain check selects a domain name or IP address corresponding to a web server and searches for other websites which will be hosted on the same web server. Data are collected from search engine results, which do not have guarantee to be completed. After knowing the other web sites hosted on the same server. These websites are important from the view point of web
    filtering perspective as well as SEO.

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    Re: Free reverse DNS lookup service.

    In the mean of searching for Domain Name Services, following are the types of query that are supported :
    • IP address: The result contains a list of A RRs for those IP addresses, CNAME RRs pointing to those A RRs, and A RRs whose domain starts with the IP address in reversed dotted quad notation (as found in DNSBLs). PTR records are also printed.

    • Domain name: The result contains a list of RRs with that domain name. RRs which merely point to this domain are also included.

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    Reverse DNS lookup service uses PTR.

    ARPA is the top-level domain of the Internet. ARPA means Address and Routing Parameter Area is that by which reverse DNS database of the Internet is routed. IPv6 uses the domain and the domain is delegated for IPv4. PTR records are used to resolve the IP addresses.

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    Forward Confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS).

    Revers Domain Naming Service is basically used for troubleshooting the network. One e-mail anti-spam technique can be used to check the domain names in the rDNS. If they are from dialup users or dynamically assigned addressed. Such Internet Protocol has been assigned generic rDNS such as "" But most of the Emails generated by these Computers are spam and many filters refuses this all mails with such rDNS names. A verification can be done by the Forward Confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS) for authentication about confirming the valid relation between Internet Protocol of the server and owner of Domain Name. Whitelisting purposes can use this kind of validation as they strong enough to use for it. Even spammer would not be able to go through this verification process. Such Entries of relevant devices specified only by IP addresses are received by System logging or monitoring tools. These all programs performs reverse lookup to provide much more usable data.
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