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Thread: How to View saved passwords in Google Chrome

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    How to View saved passwords in Google Chrome

    I am using Google chrome browser in my laptop. I want to know that how can i view my stored password in Google chrome. Actually i forget my password of my some email domain. Please suggest me. Thanks for any reply.

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    Auto save password feature in chrome.

    Google Chrome has feature to auto save passwords for web accounts. It can capture your user name and password while you log in first time into web account (like yahoo, orkut). Next time when you try to login into same account, it offers to auto fill login details for quicker login. But if you don't log in at past, chrome is not saved any password.

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    Steps to View saved passwords in Google Chrome

    Yes, Google chrome have feature of auto save password. The process to view that just go to these below process : Open Google Chrome browser and go to tools then there is option to open settings dialog box and Click on Show Saved Passwords button. Then a new window will appear showing passwords details of different web accounts captured by Google Chrome browser.

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    ChromePass 1.5 free utility for chrome.

    I have same issue last month, i will forget my password for my one email, then i was used ChromePass 1.5. It is small freeware utility which lets you to easily view the user names and passwords stored by Google Chrome web browser. ChromePass displays following details of stored passwords Origin URL, Action URL, User Name Field, Password Field, User Name, Password, and Created Time.

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    Recover your password from e mail account

    If you forget your password, you must be recover from that site. For example, If you forgot your Google account password, Just click on Forget password button ,then they will ask you for some answer for question for security and after that they will send you the link for password reset option to any reference email id that you have been feed on account creation time.

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    ChromePass export google chrome password in differnt format

    There is a free utility software called ChromePass that displays all the passwords Google Chrome has saved for your web site logins. It also export user name and password file to XML, HTML, comma or tab delimited text file format. ChromePass is a free download for Windows only. I will suggest you, just try this.

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