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Thread: firefox 3 history

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    firefox 3 history

    I want to see the browsing history on Firefox 3 for the past few days. When I go to history on the toolbar I only see the history for today. I can not find anything older than that for the life of me. I set the options to save history for the last 90 days so does anyone know how I can view this older history?

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    Re: firefox 3 history

    You said that you have already selected the option to save History for the "Last 90 Days". Then also you are not able to view history for last weeks. Maybe this is happening because of the Cookies which are getting expired immediately. I would like to suggest you to check the options of Cookies "Accept Cookies from the site". Also check the option "Accept third-party cookies" and select the option "keep until they expire". Doing this might solve your issue.

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