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Thread: Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter not working

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    Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter not working

    I have recently bought the new HP Compaq laptop. I always connect to the internet by using wireless router. Now whenever I try to connect the internet then initially it work perfectly but after some time it keeps on disconnecting. I have checked the Diagnose connection problems where i found that there is something wrong with Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter. Please help me to get out of this.

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    Re: Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter not working

    As your said you are trying use wireless printer to connect your laptop to the internet. It is quit complicate to load drivers to work with this kind of devices. May be your driver is not installed properly or may be it is not compatible with a particular device. The easiest way to install drivers for HP Compaq laptop is to install it from
    "HP Compaq XP Driver CD Recovery Restore Disk" and if you are using vista then "
    HP Compaq Vista Driver Recovery CD Restore Disk". By using this automated cd, drivers for net connection can be installed to your laptop with just couple of clicks.
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    Re: Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter not working

    It may happen some time that you can not connect to the internet because of the device which you are using. As i can see you are using wireless router to connect to the internet. For this your adapter should have detected the device that is your router. There may be having some problem with your router or there can have some problem with the adapter. Try connecting your router to some another computer once by this you aould come to know that is there any problem in your router or not.

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    Re: Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter not working

    This seems to be having something going wrong in area other than your router or driver. Tough Driver problem can be affecting you but still there is some other possibility that even if you install latest driver your problem still continues. There is a method which can help you to determine if there will be an issue about loading program or service. For this you can do following steps, First of all click on the Start Button and there you will find search box so type " msconfig " there. Then go to service tab and check for Hide all Microsoft Services option and disable all services. Switch back to the Startup tab and do the same there. After pressing OK button do not forget to restart your laptop.
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