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Thread: Problem in playing Farmville on facebook

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    Problem in playing Farmville on facebook

    My internet explorer is not responding properly. When i play the farmville game on the Facebook. My computer gets slow and sometime it gets hang before crashing. I think this is the problem of the flash player. But i am not the techie guy , you will be knowing this problem more than me. So , give me the resolving tricks of this problem.

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    Re: Problem in playing Farmville on facebook

    If you are using Internet Explore for browsing purpose and playing the Farmville game on Internet Explorer. You are saying that the browser hangs when you play this game. Then you first you check the browser, Reinstall the browser in your system. This will fix the problem of Farmville on the Facebook. If this does not work for you then you should change the browser. Use some other browser rather than using Internet Explorer like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

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    Re: Problem in playing Farmville on facebook

    If reinstalling the Internet explorer does not solves the problem of the game on the facebook and Other browsers are also giving the same problem Then this is the issue of the internet speed. The speed of your Internet is very slow that is why the game is hanging in between. Ask the Internet Service provider (ISP) to increase the speed of the internet. They will charge you more from what you are paying now but you can surf and play on facebook nicely on facebook after increasing the speed of your internet. This will resolve your problem.

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    Re: Problem in playing Farmville on facebook

    This can be the issue related to the Browser settings. please check your browser settings first. Enables the pop-ups and delete all the browsing history and cookies from the system. Because all this Waste information or data create problem in running the internet. If this settings are proper than install the latest flash player in your system because some of the applications and games on the facebook runs on the Flash player only.

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