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Thread: Gmail drive login issues

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    Gmail drive login issues

    Hi. I have recently using gmail drive for my gmail account. But now am facing some serious issues. I am not able to login to my gmail drive whenever I try to. It gives an error that cannot login or login error. Why is this happening. Isn't there a solution to this. Where am I going wrong. Need a solution. I use Windows Xp as my operating system in my desktop machine.

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    Re: Gmail drive login issues

    A gmail drive is basically a virtual drive that is been created into your system for storage of data. This is actually provided by google or gmail as they gives a large amount of storage capacity feature. It is quite very complicated to retrieve them via mail so the drive acts as the utility to store them in the form of an email and revert it back through mail. Now as you are not able to login to the gmail drive this might be due to wrong parameters been filled. Check for caps lock key is on or not. This results i wrongs inputs.

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    Re: Gmail drive login issues

    Check for the browser that you are using to access the drive. This does happen that when you are logged in through some other source or system it is not bale to login using the same. Sign out from the source if you are been signed in. Then try to login to the drive. This will enable you to access to the drive then. Gmail drive is actually a virtual drive that corresponds to your gmail account and it cannot be logged in using two different sources.

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    Affection Re: Gmail drive login issues

    delete accoount and delete google. reregister on google. set up new account.

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    Re: Gmail drive login issues

    If you are using a new version of Gmail drive then it gives a problem. There is an issue related with the newer version of the drive. You can do the other way as install the Google toolbar to your browser. After that login to the google account by clicking on the sign in button on the right hand pane of the toolbar. After you are been signed it will show a green light button which ensures that you have been logged into your account. Then try to use the gmail drive. You may then use it well.

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