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Thread: Website accessibility control

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    Website accessibility control

    Hi. I have made a website for myself. It is a small profiled website which includes information about myself and my family. The thing is I want site accessibility control in order to be visible to certain users only. I do not want my site to be accessed or viewed public. I want to make the website private content. How can I do that? Please help.

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    Re: Website accessibility control

    You can definitely make your site accessible to certain users with the use of an application called as apache. Apache is basically a HTTP server based software which is responsible for the initial growth of the web applications. Apache has several applications embedded in it. It has features related to accessibility and has authentication modules enabled in it. You need to install the application and then make your site private content.

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    Re: Website accessibility control

    There is also an alternative method in order to make your site inaccessible to all users by uploading your site completely in a new folder instead of the root folder. You need to add a new folder into the root folder where you actually host your site. Copy the whole site and paste it into the new folder that has been created in the root folder. This will lend in accessing the site only to the desired person who hosted.

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    Re: Website accessibility control

    This is also a good idea of making your root folder as not the source for execution of the site. There is also one more thing that you could do and that is by adding username/password command system for the folder you pasted the site. This can be done. You just need to make the folder accessible by entering password and username due to which it will be only accessible to the users who knows the parameters

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