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Thread: Windows Live Mail error 4102

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    Windows Live Mail error 4102

    As i am new to this forum, i must say Hi to you all guys..

    I am a Windows Vista user and use Windows Live Mail as my default mail client. Having this account since long time and has never faced any issue, luckily. To day when i am trying to sign in to my said account, it is giving me a synchronization error message saying "Windows Live Mail is unable to send or receive messages. Error code 4102."

    Do anyone aware of this error codes? Please help me out of this error...

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    Re: Windows Live Mail error 4102

    Yeah, i have faced this error before with my Windows live account. While work around, i found that this errors may be caused by there being too much traffic on the Hotmail servers, or by Mail sending corrupted data to the servers. To troubleshoot the issues, try the following:
    • Start Mail.
    • In the folder pane, right-click the e-mail account that is causing the error, and then click Remove account.
    • Close Mail, and then restart it.
    • If you can't see the menu bar, in the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Menus button , and then click Show menu bar.
    • Click the Tools menu, and then click Sync all e-mail accounts.

    If you no longer receive the error, close Mail, and then restart it again. If you still receive the error, you may have removed the wrong e-mail account. The error message contains details of which e-mail account is causing the error. When you no longer receive the error when you click Sync all e-mail accounts, add any e-mail accounts that you deleted back to Mail again.

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    Re: Windows Live Mail error 4102

    I have seen this error with may user having Hotmail or Windows live account. Most probably there is one more error code that is error 5102, that can be seen with the above mentioned error code 4102. If these error occurs, that means your e-mail account is probably being migrated to a new server.

    This doesn't effect your e-mail or contacts in any way, and you won't lose any data. Try again in a day or two. If the issue persists, contact Windows Live Mail Support.

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    Re: Windows Live Mail error 4102

    Well, i thank you guys for the quick helps,, I going to try the steps you mentioned and let you know the result. Hope that can help me out. Or what else, i'll need to wait for 2 days to get fixed it self.. I appreciate your helps...

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