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Thread: Attachment Failed on gmail

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    Attachment Failed on gmail

    I can't attach files on my email in gmail. I don't know if any thing is wrong with the browser or is it due to internet speed or something else. I always used to do this, but now a days it's not working. Whenever i click on attach, i get a mesage as "Attachment Failed". Can anyone here give me a solution?

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    Re: Attachment Failed on gmail

    You may get this message due to many reasons. If you are attaching a data having more size then you will get "Attachment Failed" message, also if your internet speed is down and you are trying to attach a file, the same message you will get. So just have a look on your attachment if it's more in size try to reduce their size and if your internet speed is down then ask your internet service provider to visit your place.

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    Re: Attachment Failed on gmail

    I was also having the same problem, i mean attaching files to messages, whenever i use to select a file to attach, i get an “Attachment failed" error message, but later i came to know that this thing happens due to a proxy or firewall. You can just have a look on your firewall if you have kept it on then put it of and try to attach files and see what you are getting.

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    Re: Attachment Failed on gmail

    Do you get this kind of error on gmail only or on yahoo, rediff also, because i do get this error on gmail also and on yahoo/rediff also. I have checked my internet connection, it's working absolutely fine, then i have changed my firewall settings, then also i am still getting this message. And one more thing my attachments do not exceed more than 1mb. I still don't have the solution.

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