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Thread: IE 7 certificate problems

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    IE 7 certificate problems

    I am using Inspiron 11z laptop. when I go to site like Gmail or yahoo, some message pop up and it is related to site security certificate. I don't know what is it. After that message browser open previous web page. I can open other sites like so that I think problem is not due to browser. Give me suggestion.

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    Re: IE 7 certificate problems

    It is very simple to resolve your problem. First open internet explorer 7 and go to tools and select internet options, it will display a new window. Open advanced tab in that window. Scroll down and do not select check box of publishers certificate revocation and server certificate revocation. After making the changes in above check boxes press apply button and then OK button. Restart the web browser to check that problem is solved or not.

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    Re: IE 7 certificate problems

    Some sites have there own certificates without that it don't allow anybody to access their sites. Click on certificate error next to IE address bar and view certificates. Press install certificate and click on next button. It will asked to you to location to install your certificate. You can use default setting for that.Click on finish button. To confirm it press OK button and restart web browser.

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    Re: IE 7 certificate problems

    Login to your WebHost Manager with the your root account the go to SSL/TLS menu and select SSL key/Crt manager. In the certificate find out yourhostname.crt file and click on download. Copy everything including begin certificate and end certificate and paste it in text editor and save it as whmcertificate.crt. Now open IE7 and select tool then go to internet options.Select content tab and click on certificate button. In new Certificates window select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab. Click on import and select whmcertificate.crt then press next and then finish. If you want to import new certificate, click on yes button

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