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Thread: How to remove ICQ Toolbar ?

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    How to remove ICQ Toolbar ?


    I use the Firefox browser. Some time ago I had installed myself ICQ toolbar, but it was very dissatisfied and I uninstalled it again. Although this is disabled, the ICQ continually pops up on search, I just want to don't want have it! The button "Uninstall" button is always grayed out, that is inactive.

    I've even manually searched in the registry and deleted all ICQ messages, run ccleaner can help, nothing that has installed itself by itself.

    Who knows advice on how they get rid ICQ Toolbar again?

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    Re: How to remove ICQ Toolbar ?

    When you delete a program, it is not removed from your hard disk, just delete the files from work and then you can not remove, as desired. You can avoid shown appears when you click View, Toolbars and the elimination of the mark by it. However, to remove it now, you have to go to msconfig and uncheck it.

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    Re: How to remove ICQ Toolbar ?

    Have you tried the following :

    1. Close all your programs, go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Remove Icq-Tollbar

    2. Open firefox, go to View-> Toolbars to remove the check in the ICQ Toolbar.

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    Re: How to remove ICQ Toolbar ?

    I found something in a forum! Has worked.

    1) about: config type in the firefox url space, search for "ICQ". Reset all the values found with the right to terminate Firefox, restart, same procedure, the ICQ values would be gone.

    2) Then save all your bookmarks. Be careful, if someone uses the password manager, extract passwords secure ev/. Then download the latest version of FF back in

    3) Then uninstall Firefox, then just run a tool like ccleaner, clean everything

    4) Reboot, manually search> Program Files (x86) directory "Mozilla", delete everything! This is despite the fact uninstall still there ...

    5) Re-boot again, then check whether or ICQ directories/ remaining, remove everything and run ccleaner. If you want to be sure, run Regedit and search for "ICQ" search, nothing would be more

    6) Then safe reboot

    7) Do a new Firefox installation, install a precaution "user-select, so you can see what is so installed.

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