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Thread: Mercury Messenger Problem

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    Mercury Messenger Problem

    I'm running Windows Vista on my system. More frequently i used Internet Explorer 8.0 as my web browser on my system. I'm facing problem with my Mercury messenger. The problem is that when i sign in to my Mercury messenger 1.9 immediately after around 40 seconds, it logs me out of the messenger, stating that there is a problem with my MSN server. I tried to resolve the above issue, but couldn't resolve it. Can any body tell me that why i'm having such problem with my Mercury messenger? What i need to resolve the above issue? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue. Thanks.

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    Re: Mercury Messenger Problem

    I would recommend uninstalling both and reinstalling (download again). My friend is having issues with Mercury too with it disconnecting him all the time, like a ping or something. But I think with your files it maybe doing something similar.

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    Re: Mercury Messenger Problem

    Compiz often conflicts with java applications. Mercury used up way too much memory and it was also very slow. But it runs fast still on my new imac. Just had the same issue happen with my mercury messenger, adium and amsn, but msn for mac still works well as much as it ever did.

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    Re: Mercury Messenger Problem

    You could uninstall it, download Compiz-Fusion, and see if it works. The file name is mercury-messenger_1710_S7_i386.deb . I just downloaded it from the mercury site. It looks like the MSN server no longer accepts the message in upper case, when it is send in lower case the MSN server doesn't disconnect Mercury.

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