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Thread: Gmail remember's my login id and password

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    Gmail remember's my login id and password

    Whenever I open Gmail in my laptop, my inbox opens directly. I did want this to happen. In his way anyone can access my mails without my knowledge. How can I stop Gmail from remembering my log in Id and password. I had tired many settings but nothing works here. Also does each type of browse needs different type of settings. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Gmail remember's my login id and password

    This happens when your browser saves up the password. This login information is stored in the cache memory of the browser. You can simply stop it. You will have to just clear up or stop your autocomplete options. I am using Internet Explorer 6. For this click on Tools > Internet Options. Then go to Content tab and click on autocomplete. Remove the tick from User Name and Password. Restart your browser and check back again.

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    Re: Gmail remember's my login id and password

    I will list you settings of Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 for stopping Gmail from getting your password saved. In IE 7 click on Tools > Internet Options > Content > Autocomplete > settings. Remove the tick from here. Then in Firefox when you login Gmail then Firefox ask for the remembering the password. Give no option. After that go to tools > options. In the security tab remove the tick from remember password. Give OK and restart your system.

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    Re: Gmail remember's my login id and password

    If you are using Google Chrome. Click on Tools and then clear the browsing data. Also clear the cache and delete the cookies. Once the data is cleared then Google will not prompt your for the password. Also after using the Gmail clear history and other browsing information. If you do this everytime then Gmail will not show up your log in id and password.

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