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Thread: Failed to create phonebook entry error on Photon

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    Failed to create phonebook entry error on Photon

    I had installed the Photon USB modem on a laptop. Now here when I try to add up some contacts in the dialer then a error pops ups denoting Failed to create phonebook entry. It is coming continuously as I try to save the data. And sometime when I connect the modem the computer does not detected. There is no status icon detected. After moving a bit it comes up. What to if there is any hardware failure message. Thanks.

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    Re: Failed to create phonebook entry error on Photon

    The error can be due to hardware failure. The USB modem has a small SIM card in it. When you input any contact information then the dialer tries to write on the memory of the card. If the card is not accessible or loosely placed then the error comes up. Try to replace the card and put the modem back in the usb port. If the problem continuous then you have to call on 121.

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    Re: Failed to create phonebook entry error on Photon

    Update the latest firmware of the hardware. This can be a driver issue. If you have the driver disc then go to Device Manager and right click on the USB modem under modem list. Then go to driver and click on update driver. Give the option of automatic scan. Insert the disc. Windows will scan and update the drivers. It is mainly due to hardware misconfiguration or bad drivers.

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    Re: Failed to create phonebook entry error on Photon

    Check out the modem on a different port. Your USB port might be damaged because of which the system is not identifying the hardware. Re-installed the modem on a different port and try back again. Second thing if you are facing any hardware failure message then first unplug the device. Wait for some time and plug it back again. It is due to bad hardware. Create a dialup connection in Windows and use that one.

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