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Thread: Photon Whiz working very slowy

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    Photon Whiz working very slowy

    I had purchased Photon Whiz some months ago. It was working fine before providing a speed around 153 Kbps. But from last few days the speed is felled down to a great extent. I am even not getting a accurate speed of 50kbps. What should be done to improve the speed of the USB device. I have enough recharge in my modem also. What can be the reason behind this. The speed is now desperately fluctuating. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Photon Whiz working very slowy

    Try to re-install your modem again. This can give you some boost up speed in your internet. First ensure that you have the driver disc of the modem. Then uninstall completely properly and then reinstall it back again. Contact the customer care of TATA Indicom and get a appropriate answer for your device. It is possible that your device may have some hardware related fault. Also ensure that you are installing the right driver for the right operating system.

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    Re: Photon Whiz working very slowy

    You can download and try a internet accelerator tool. The accelerator tool fills up your cache memory and gives you out a stable speed. There are multiple tools available. I was using a accelerator tool called vspeed up by TATA indicom. But now it is not available for download. You can try up any other device for the same purpose. Look for a proper modem booster tool.

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    Re: Photon Whiz working very slowy

    The Photon Whiz modem has a SIM card in it which acts as the DATA card. This card can be used in a mobile phone also for calling. So the concept is same as the mobile has. If you does not have proper network coverage in your location then that means you are facing a speed fluctuation. See in the dialer you can see the signal strength. Try to place your machine nearby some open surface. If still there is a issue then you have to contact the customer care.

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