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Thread: Download Apreso video file

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    Download Apreso video file

    I would like to know if there is any procedure or some thing in order to download Apreso video file. I wish to grab some Apreso files from my university server, but it is allowing me to download the audio format.what should i do to make the things okAny suggestion is very much be appreciated.

    Thank you very much...

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    Re: Download Apreso video file

    Hi there, what exactly happening when you trying download the file.Are you getting any pop up message showing some messages if so please let me know what exactly it is let me look on that.On the other hand you should try to download the same after some time may after a reboot may you will get better results any way have luck..cheers

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    Re: Download Apreso video file

    It sounds like the impatica app changes it to an imp file.You could get atransition effects between each slide and so built a nice video CD for presentations. Proshow also allows you to insert audio (mp3 format). I've used proshow and its great but i'm on converting a ppt presentation with animation, etc to a video format (avi or mpeg). A screen capture device less you to do this, but the video quality is pathetic. I've been struggling with this same .pps

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