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Thread: Set Bing background images on Desktop

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    Set Bing background images on Desktop

    Hi, i am a Windows Vista user. As you all might be knowing about Bing search engine, i noticed that Bing has a new wallpaper every day as its background. Thats very interesting for me. I like those wallpapers very much. So what i want is to set Bing background images as my Desktop wallpaper. How can i download and set those images as my desktop background?

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    Re: Set Bing background images on Desktop

    I also like bing because of its performance and decision based search results and off course its wallpapers. Getting those images for our desktop is very simple.You just need to open, right click any where and in the context menu you will find the option 'View background Image'. Just click on that and again right click and save image on your desktop. Thats it . Just open that image and click the option to Save as Desktop Background.

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    Re: Set Bing background images on Desktop

    The best and most simple way of doing the same is with an application called as Bing Downloader. Downloading image manually and saving it as desktop background daily basis can be annoying. But with this small 10kb app that can be very simple. It can download images from and store them in your hardrive. It will change your desktop background with these images on a regular basis automatically.In the first-time run, it will download the past Bing wallpaper images. From then on, it will regularly check for new images and download them automatically.

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    Re: Set Bing background images on Desktop

    Bing Wallpaper Downloader is an easy to use tool that allows you to download all Bing wallpaper images to your computer and keep changing your desktop background on daily basis. In order to get daily new images you have to run this tool daily so if you drop it in the Startup folder it should do good whenever you start the computer.This application is written in C# .

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