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Thread: How to unblock Port 1935

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    How to unblock Port 1935

    Recently I was trying to access a site. The site has lot of flash videos in it. When I clicked on it to play the site closed and a error popped up denoting a Port 1935 failed error. I had tried the same in a different browser. First I was using Internet Explorer 8 then I switched to FireFox and Chrome. But not progress. I had turned off my Anti virus and tried back again. But still the site is unable to open. My browser is also not corrupted because it is working fine with other sites. So the problem lies with Port 1935. How can I unblock it and what can be the cause of this issue which is related to this specific port only. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to unblock Port 1935

    The error is due to blocked port. The name of port is Macromedia-fcs. First download and install a registry scanner and scan your system. I hope that registry fixing can solve the problem. The application which uses this port is Macromedia Flash Communications Server MX. Here the RMTP service is engaged with the port 1935 which is thus used by Adobe Macromedia Flash application causing a conflict. This service allows you to stream data, video and audio from the flash server. So just disable your firewall and try back again.

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    Re: How to unblock Port 1935

    a Flash Communication Server MX Updater can fix this issue out. You have to install this update on your system to fix the error problem. The updater is available on the official site of Adobe. But before updating you will have to terminate the application running in the background. You can do that by click on Start > Setting > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Service. In that look for Flash Communication Admin Service and Flash Communication Server. Right click on it and select stop. Then download and run the updater. After that again start the service by going via above process.

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    Re: How to unblock Port 1935

    Try this first disable your Windows Firewall and your antivirus. Then open the site. If still the problem continuous then follow this. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Windows Firewall. Double click to open it. Go to the exception tab and click on Add Port. Assign a name and give the port number. Restart your system and check back again. Set your firewall on before restart.

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