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Thread: Bittorrent kills internet connection

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    Bittorrent kills internet connection

    I have been using the Bittorrent from last few months and never faced any issue wit t. But since i have formatted and reinstall the BitTorrent , its killing my internet connection. i have a line of 256kbps but when i do even a small download with BitTorrent i can't even properly surf the internet. any idea?

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    Re: Bittorrent kills internet connection

    I think you need to forward your ports , see your modem manual to know hot to do it. make sure you have configured your torrent downloader properly. Have you done the bandwidth test?

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    Re: Bittorrent kills internet connection

    This is the problem with many people, after searching i got conclusion that it happens with who have old or cheap NICs, or are using onboard ethernet on newer motherboards. First, update your router and network card. Try limiting your connections to ~100 and see if that solves the problem.

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    Re: Bittorrent kills internet connection

    If you limit the number of connections on a torrent client routers wont freeze/lag out. Is it the same case when you use utorrent or any other torrent application? Try downloading with IDM or falsget, they are simple and effective, never hamper you internet connection speed.

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