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Thread: Wireless Dialup Internet

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    Wireless Dialup Internet

    I am having a wireless laptop & has to connect to the internet connection. I am having a dailup internet connection..... I want to connect this internet connection to my laptop wireless.... Does anyone know how to connect Wireless Dailup Internet to my laptop...????

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    Re: Wireless Dialup Internet

    For connecting Wireless internet connection you need a wireless router A internet connection line. & a laptop which must has a wifi in it....!

    After gathering all the things this thing look at the manual of the Router & find out how to make the connection... This manual will help you on how to connect it & access it...!

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    Re: Wireless Dialup Internet

    You can can simply turn internet connection sharing on from your main computer and it will allow access for any computer in network. Just connect a wireless access point to your main computer and then a receiver on your second computer. Also check the following threads:
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    Re: Wireless Dialup Internet

    I think there is no problem in connecting this but if you are connecting the dailup connection on the router may create a lot of problem in it.... I mean router has a 64kbps support & you give a connection of 28kbps this will make your line much slow & this will get to an irritation to it....! I hope you understand what i am trying to say...!

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