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Thread: Why the Google search results are different

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    Why the Google search results are different

    I got much confused today with the Google search result. Whenever i need to search anything on net i always prefer Google for the same. Today when i was searching for something, well i got the result but when i signed out from Google the results suddenly changed. Thats really surprising for me. Why the Google search results are different ? Do you guys have any suggestion ?

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    Re: Why the Google search results are different

    Basically the search results depend on several factors like web browser, the geographic location, web history or data center, etc.. As you may be aware Google has multiple data centers around the world. Any term that you search can be routed to lead the most established data center close to you, which may contain a different collection of indexed pages. These centers are updated with new search algorithms and it can happen that some serve data based on the old algorithm while others already use the new algorithm to display data. Google rolls them out across the various data centres which will also produce a different set of results.

    Google also see form where you are searching and will alter your search results based on your geographic location.Google tries to serve country specific results to a user unless that user switches to another Google search engine. There aim is to show the results that are the most relevant to you according to the sites from servers hosted in your area. This process goes by redirecting your search query to the appropriate local search database. So i can say that the location play a very important role in the search results that are displayed.

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    Re: Why the Google search results are different

    If you keep visiting any particular website more often that automatically you can find an improvement in the positioning of that page in your search results. Now as you said your search result suddenly changed when you logged out, this is because Google is monitoring search engine usage of logged in users. Google do this in order to serve search results based on previous web searches by that user.This is based on websites you’ve visited, past searches you’ve made and the sites you’ve visited from the search results.

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    Re: Why the Google search results are different

    A term that has been search by a user frequently also matters for Google. recent searches made in last 30 minutes are stored in cookie by Google access to recent search indicate. These recent search may then be used for the results pages to create the custom search based on such reviews. These recent search are presented to both the user logged off and logged. Closing the web browser or clearing the cookies will delete specific cookies so that Google can not access these recent studies will have if the user opens the program.This proves that Google search results vary from location, recent search activity or web history, and provides the option to opt out.

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