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Thread: Google chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

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    Google chrome vs Mozilla Firefox


    I just downloaded Chrome, browser from google and I tested firefox and chrome but I want to know about its cons. I would like your opinion on these 2 and which browser is the best you !!! I am tired of reading everywhere: Firefox is better than Chrome, or vice-verse. Thank you for your replies !!!

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    Re: Google chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

    Google Chrome browser is fast and smart and definitely has the potential to get better as we still only in beta. The browser has a look and feel and has great visuals. However, due to the lack of an RSS reader and really is not much more that is not yet on par with firefox 3. It barely uses the CPU memory is a good thing for those that require a fast browsing experience.

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    Re: Google chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

    I would say the biggest advantage of Chrome over Firefox is its ability to handle here in the process of independence which is an error or browser plug-in, or an incorrectly coded Web page can not remove the whole browser, just that tab or plugin only.

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    Re: Google chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

    The choice between Firefox and Chrome is more difficult. For web applications, Chrome is clearly faster, although the new Firefox JavaScript engine is no slouch - and his statement means that management must be more stable. Again, no ad blocking, extensions or RSS, and you either love or hate its free interface.

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