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Thread: No voice in yahoo chat

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    No voice in yahoo chat


    I am using yahoo messenger 9 and i cant do voice chat, whenever I enter the Chat room and select any person, I find no option as hands free. I cant able to see that. I get an error stating that ''There was a problem communicating with voice server.attempt reconnect''. please help me

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    Re: No voice in yahoo chat

    Search on net for Search for once you got this file go to //...WINDOWS/System32 and paste it over here. If yahoo changes protocol again, it will probably be that you will need to Download. it may require a restart of yahoo messenger once you complete the procedure.

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    Re: No voice in yahoo chat

    Hi, i am facing a strange problem with yahoo messenger 9, when I login to yahoo messenger, and try to do voice chat with my friend, i get this message "This computer does not support the required audio compression format" what does that mean.

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    Re: No voice in yahoo chat

    You may get this error if you are using windows vista, ou can not get voice in Chat room or conferences. This is because Windows Vista is does not include the True Speech Codec that Yahoo Messenger needs for voice in chat rooms and voice in conferences. However you can do PC to PC calling which is not affected by the missing codec. There is a fix for true speech codec but its only for windows vista Home premium.

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