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Thread: Internet explorer cannot add search providers

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    Internet explorer cannot add search providers


    My problem is that in the Internet explorer I can not add any search provider. Like when I try to add google I get an error message. saying you need IE 7 but after installing IE 7 I am still not able to add search providers.
    Internet explorer cannot add search providers
    Anyone know what to be done?

    Thanks for solution.

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    Re: Internet explorer cannot add search providers

    Add Search Provider

    Add Search Provider dialog box.
    If this particular search provider is already installed, you will get a dialog box saying so or you will get a dialog box with options to upgrade that provider. For example, the search provider may offer search suggestions now where it did not before.

    The second way to add a search provider is by discovery. After the provider's Web page loads, the drop-down arrow on the Instant Search box turns orange, indicating that a search provider can be installed.

    When you click the orange drop-down arrow, a list of the search providers that are installed and other available options is displayed. A golden icon appears to the left of the search provider's name that Internet Explorer 8 discovered. When you click the Add Search Providers option, a list of the available providers is displayed. The following picture shows the Live Search options: Products, Images, and Videos.

    Adding Your Own Search Provider

    If your search provider does not provide a direct way for you to add it as a search provider, you can still add it manually. Follow the instructions on the Windows Search Guide page to create your own search provider. Note that this widget adds the provider only as a search provider without search suggestions. If you know that the provider offers search suggestions, use the search provider's Web site to add the provider.

    hope this helps you.

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    Re: Internet explorer cannot add search providers

    Create Your Own Search Provider in Internet Explorer 8

    Many users would have their designated web search engine & can have when it comes to search information on the World Wide Web. Some prefer Google Engine while others could take Yahoo, Alta Vista, Live Search, etc. By default, Internet Explorer 8 Live Search (formerly the Windows Live Search and MSN Search) as a provider of search engine to end - user research into information using the Immediate box added to the research undertaken in the higher right corner appears. If the Live Search is not your cup of tea in web search, give new IE 8 browser always options to add other search engines and even create your own search providers. Users can follow these steps to their designated search providers to add. Other search providers to add browser, users can go to Tools and select Add-initiated add-ons. Users will able to Manage add-ons for Windows. Click on the Suppliers and users will research the list of search providers are shown to be added.

    More search engines to browser to add the link, click the "Find more search providers" on the bottom left corner appears. Users will cause new window with a list of search providers for users to add. Users can click on the "Add Button to Internet explorer" to a new search provider to add. So, what can you do? If this is the case, you can DIY your own search provider. To create your own search provider, click on the link "create your own supplier of research."

    For example, press "Install Provider Research" for Yahoo search engine as one of your search providers to add. You will be prompted a dialog box to verify that this new search provider to add. Click "Add" to continue. You can also check the box "of this my default search provider" Make this search provider default.

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    Re: Internet explorer cannot add search providers

    Which sitee you try to add search provider ? Do you use any browser cloaking devices?
    I had same problem. I solved the problem with installing IE7 Custom Google. I must say that IE7 is a catastrophic piece of software. I had my computer twice restart while installation, which took 20 minutes with 1 gig of RAM. When I installed the Opera browser, it was downloaded in 15 seconds, and installed in 10 minutes.

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    Re: Internet explorer cannot add search providers

    The problem in my case was caused by shdocvw.dll being entered in a registry key instead of ieframe.dll.

    I resolved this by performing the following steps:
    1. Open the registry editor by going to Start Menu\Run and entering "Regedit" and pressing the "okay" button.
    2. Go to the following location: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \TypeLib\{EAB22AC0-30C1-11CF-A7EB-0000C05BAE0B}\1.1\0\win32
    3. Right click on the entry in the right pane of the registry editor (default), select 'modify'. Enter C:\WINDOWS\system32\ieframe.dll as its data
    4. Exit Registry Editor.

    Now, when you go to the add-on gallery, a window will pop up allowing you to download and install the new search provider when you click on the "add to internet explorer" button on the website.

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