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Thread: copy, paste and cut stopped working

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    copy, paste and cut stopped working

    I have never faced a problem with my keyboard regarding copying, pasting ans using cut as well, but from just last few days copy, paste and cut stopped working? Even if I use CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V, it wont work. I usually highlight a text or a word to copy paste or sometimes even use right-click from mouse but these two tricks wont work at all. I have Windows XP and Service Pack 1 installed on my pc. I would be glad to know if somebody can rectify this issue, thank you.
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    Re: copy, paste and cut stopped working

    If you copy anything then usually it copies into the Clipboard so that you can paste that thing later, so therefore I think that the clipboard might be corrupted or perhaps disabled. You can check to see that the Clipboard service is enabled by going to START , RUN, Type Services.msc. Look for clipboard and make sure its automatic, and enabled, and started. If it is then you may need to try something else.
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    Re: copy, paste and cut stopped working

    Which of the things stopped working, is it Copy & paste stopped working or CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V stopped working? Or is it just the web? Empty your Internet temp cache, in Internet Explorer, tools, Internet options, delete files.

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    Re: copy, paste and cut stopped working

    It definitely indicates that some of the application that are being locked over the windows clipboard. So you can try to download the below application which will determine the process that is causing this issue:

    Download from here

    Unzip and run the tool. Post back what it reports. For best results, run this utility during the time you encounter the Copy<=>Paste problem.

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