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Thread: Suggest feature for FireFox 3.5

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    Suggest feature for FireFox 3.5

    I use Firefox as my default browser since i stated surfing. Its really nice browser as per me. Now as the Firefox 3.5 is released and hope all bugs may have solved, i am planning to download it. But i am not aware of its features. Could you guys suggest me features for FireFox 3.5 ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suggest feature for FireFox 3.5

    Firefox 3.5 is twice faster than other browsers and more useful. It launches quickly, sticks up complex sites such as Gmail and Google Maps without any hiccup in fire, and can open lots of tabs without crash into force.Here is the list of the new features in Firefox 3.5:-

    • Support for the HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements including native support for Ogg Theora encoded video and Vorbis encoded audio. HTML 5, for example, includes audio and video elements that allow developers to embed media directly into HTML pages in a similar way that can now be achieved with browser plugins like Flash.

    • Bookmarks Manager is a separate window. A simple hack can move it to the contents area and set it as your home page as well.

    • Better web application performance using the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.

    • Firefox 3.5 adds a private browsing mode to its arsenal of features. While the private browsing mode, Firefox won 't remember anything - history, cookies, user names or passwords of your session. When private browsing start, Firefox just close all pages that you currently have open, but keep each of your open windows so you can quickly return to what you have before moving over to the private browsing which is been one of my favorite feature.

    • Support for new web technologies such as: downloadable fonts, CSS media queries, new transformations and properties, JavaScript query selectors, HTML5 local storage and offline application storage, <canvas> text, ICC profiles, and SVG transforms.

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    Re: Suggest feature for FireFox 3.5

    Firefox 3.5 great addressbar offer a quick list of suggestions to finish what you type. That 's great, but that list come from your page history, references and markings, and name or URL may be adjusted, leaving some results follow stops almost useless.

    Tab tearing lets you rip a tab out of the current window into its own dedicated window, the kind of works in reverse also, as the last tab in a window back into a collection of tabs moving, the window disappears. You won't be able to merge window with multiple tabs in another assembly, though, unless you do it one tab at a time.

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    Re: Suggest feature for FireFox 3.5

    Firefox 3.5 makes surfing the Web easier and more enjoyable with exciting new features and platform updates that allow Web developers to create the next generation of Web content. Native support for open video and audio, private browsing, and support for the newest Web technologies will enable richer, more interactive online experiences.

    It has improved tools for controlling your private data, including a Private Browsing Mode, better web application performance using the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, ability to share your location with websites using Location Aware Browsing, and much more..

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