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Thread: How to reduce internet lag

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    How to reduce internet lag

    I am having problems with internet in my home i don't know what happen . Refreshing does not help, it's still waiting to load. I am also experiencing horrible lag issues with my online game. how to reduce internet lag ?


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    Re: How to reduce internet lag

    To reduce lag, you can also delete your temporary memory (temp):

    - C: \ Documents and Settings \ YOUR NAME dutilisation \ Loca l Settings \ Temporary Internet Files
    Once you delete all the files.

    Mozila Firefox user, go to 'tool s "then" delete my track s "select and validate everything.

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    Re: How to reduce internet lag

    If you have an old computer. FORMAT every month your PC (Do not forget to burn or on a server upload all your photos music etc ... before formatting) . Defragment every week (it takes 5 min to 1 hour). Always check if the drivers for your graphics card is up to date by checking on the official websites of the mark, if improvements are driver outputs.

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    Re: How to reduce internet lag

    How to reduce internet lag

    • The Sim must have the least possible script or board vendor.
    • Restart occasionally sims to reduce the lag (optional). To avoid the problem of invisible objects (mandatory).
    • Ensure that no other event is present on the sim during the match.
    • Check that the viewer does not exceed 800 (prim) to check the matches taking place on a single sim. To check go to advanced> rendering> displays info> avatar rendering cost.
    • Remove all your avatar .

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