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Thread: Gtalk IM Client for Linux

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    Gtalk IM Client for Linux


    How can i download the google talk client for linux os? I'm using openSuse, as i goto google talk download page, it gives me download link for windows nit for linux. Any help Please?

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    Re: Gtalk IM Client for Linux

    Refer to this link : Client Choice with Google Talk

    Google Talk Gadget, Pidgin, Kopete, Psi will work with linux. With Pidgin you can communicate with other Instant messengers On linux.

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    Re: Gtalk IM Client for Linux

    Use the Pidgin in opensuse, its the best choice. Best is its free to use.

    Pidgin Details:

    Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client used by millions. Connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more chat networks all at once.

    Supported chat networks:

    • AIM
    • Bonjour
    • Gadu-Gadu
    • Google Talk
    • Groupwise
    • ICQ
    • IRC
    • MSN
    • MySpaceIM
    • QQ
    • SILC
    • SIMPLE
    • Sametime
    • XMPP
    • Yahoo!
    • Zephyr

    Download Pidgin

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    Re: Gtalk IM Client for Linux

    Like Pidgin skype is also another good option. As we all know Google hasn't released a dedicated build of Google Talk for Linux yet. But google has now released a flash version of Google Talk which works in the same manner that an Instant messaging client is meant to work. Google earlier hired GAIM developer Sean Egan. GAIM, itself, already supports the Jabber protocol, which Google Talk uses, and can be configured to work with Google Talk.

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