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Thread: Create a new hotmail account

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    Create a new hotmail account

    I want to create new hotmail account, can any one tell me the procedure? I have tried to create account but when i open, it doesn't show any option like create new user account.

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    Re: Create a new hotmail account

    To create new hotmail account Go to on the Sign Up button at the left side of the page. Above the More about Windows Live ID and Privacy Policy link. Fill in the form, and click on the 'I Accept' button. Close that window and open a new window, after creating your E-mail address successfully.

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    Re: Create a new hotmail account

    Click on the Sign Up button, and you'll start the process of creating a new account. When you click Sign Up button it will redirect you this page : Create your Windows Live ID fill the correct information and click on i accept button.

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    Re: Create a new hotmail account

    You can create a new hotmail account with an existing e-mail address or with a new e-mail address.Go to the Windows Live Hotmail website.Click Sign up, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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