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Thread: Hotmail account cannot send mail to NetZero account

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    Hotmail account cannot send mail to NetZero account


    I have problem with my Hotmail account. I am not able to send mail to a net zero account that i was able to send in the past successfully. Whenever i try to send a message all am getting is a delivery failure message from that the message failed. The details.txt attached to the failure message is as follows..I am fed of this error mail..I tried to send many times but same thing occurs.What is the cause any one got any idea??

    Please help me

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    Re: Hotmail account cannot send mail to NetZero account

    Keep in mind this before you sending the mail.Verify that your outgoing mail server on your POP client is pointing to on port 587 with "My (SMTP) Server Requires Authentication" configured.In order to check this you can browse to Configure POP settings.It is fact that some ISP's won't allow users to forward E-mail with a third party SMTP server.If you are using Earthlink, Comcast, Sympatico, AT&T, Charter Communications, NetZero/Juno, MSN, and RCN you need to to use their own ISP's SMTP servers.So better contact them directly to check their SMTP server settings.

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    Re: Hotmail account cannot send mail to NetZero account

    I think your email, which made it, went out through a different server rather than in this case some spam gets through one of the many SMTP relay agents run by providers, such as AT&T, or MSN, and the servers which handled that spam are prevented by other the postmaster for the blocked domain, and tell them which server is blocked it is the one identified in your NDR as the "reporting MTA", and which service is doing the blocking. It will be up to the postmaster for MSN to deal with the postmaster for NetZero, resolve the issue.You have to give them the specific server which is blocked else, they don't have any information to use when they request a block removal from the blocking domain. Servers are, normally, blocked by IP address, not domain

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    Re: Hotmail account cannot send mail to NetZero account

    Extend the time-out configuration in your POP mail client,If your POP mail client is timing out before the emails are sent out.If you are running the Norton Antivirus program send emails using POP mail client with Email scanning disabled from Norton Antivirus..A running firewall is able to interfere with SMTP traffic on port 25 or port 587. Ensure that if you are behind a firewall or proxy server that your firewall or proxy server is not blocking FTP on port 25 and 587.

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