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Thread: Wireless Interent connection not working

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    Wireless Interent connection not working

    My friend has a Dell laptop. We surfed internet wireless by a router. First he was using windows firewall and windows defender to protect the system from threats. But recently we had downloaded avast antivirus and updated it. If found some detection which was later deleted. The problem now is that after installing avast the wireless internet connection is not working. The page does not open in Mozilla nor in Internet Explorer. I had check my wireless status but windows is showing a strong signal. Only the pages are not opening. What should I do here.

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    Re: Wireless Interent connection not working

    The reason behind this that inspite of good signal strength something in your laptop is blocking the internet connections which led to limited or no connection. This can be due a wrong network password, wrong mac address or other router settings. Try this connect to your router by a cable. Use a networking cable and then manually connect to the net instead of working wireless. Then connect to the internet if it happens then all the settings in the router will be restored. After that again try to connect wireless without the cable.

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    Re: Wireless Interent connection not working

    I think that Avast is blocking your wireless connection. Download NA detector. It will analyze the network traffic and gives you a information about the IP address pair and protocol. This will help to troubleshoot your wireless network connection. It will show the status of your internet connection. Try to disable the avast firewall in the settings option. If still nothing happens then you will have to remove the antivirus.

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    Re: Wireless Interent connection not working

    Did you have properly disabled your old firewall and antivirus utility. If not just properly check them. Also press ctrl + alt + del and in the task manager process tab see that your firewall is running or not. Then does your firewall allow ashWebSv.exe file. If not then you will have delete the entry and then manually update and reconnect the internet. The possibilities lies with the old programs which normally blocks the service.
    Cannot connect to internet after installing avast

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    idea Re: Wireless Interent connection not working

    I had this same issue with internet not working with wireless connection after installing Avast. I was able to find a temp work-around. First. disable the wireless connection (START---CONTROL PANEL---NETWORK CONNECTIONS) by right clicking on the wireless internet connection and clicking on disable.
    Give it a few to finish disabling and then re-enable, also by right clicking and selecting the top item, ENABLE. Good Luck. WIN XP SP2. Netgear WG111v2.

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