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Thread: YouTube Uploads with Very High Quality

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    YouTube Uploads with Very High Quality

    Hello friends,

    This user uploaded this extremely high quality video but all I'm aware of is the watch in high quality method which is no where near this good. How do i do this as people on youtube that do know are jerks ignoring comments and questions about it from other users.I been reading for a while looking and got some tutorials but am confused as they say obsolete or no longer works. Although 11 minute high quality videos keep popping up on youtube uploads. So does it work or is there a new method?how it possible?me alos noted on all of these 11 minute videos that there is no watch in high quality. In other words, high quality by any ideas guys regarding this?

    Thanks for any information !

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    re: YouTube Uploads with Very High Quality

    On youtube Video quality, is largely dependent at this point on the quality of what's submitted. Older videos, uploaded when upload limits were lower, and the H.264 codec was not familiar.but expect some improvement lately YouTube has re-encoded most older videos to higher standards, but if the original upload is not better then youtube team is helpless to improve it. better follow the guidelines YouTube has published to get adequate video quality

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    re: YouTube Uploads with Very High Quality

    The fact that the video able to play in high-quality mode when &fmt=18 is added is proof the issue is not with the video the problem is solidly a YouTube bug. If you don't have a business that depends on You Tube, maybe you just need to stop obsessing about the quality of a service you don't pay for and thus have no control over.

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    re: YouTube Uploads with Very High Quality

    Friend,what actually you want to do with?need to get the "watch in high quality" link? Or do you want to upload one of those flash videos that doesn't get reconverted? practicing to get videos through without reconversion is a issue as far as I'm concerned. Just when you guess you've got the solution there go and modify the things me,but it's not so hard to get the link as well

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