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    I am a new learner. Im having trouble finding computer and webcam which is is at on my internal network. I am getting reply from it. but is there an easy way that can help me to get computers ?
    thank you

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    You can do every thing with Remote Desktop you dont need to access internet just right-click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name then you can get ip adress form network connection property's..

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    from the viewpoint of the user. However, looking at the complete construction from the perspective of the kernel is a bit more difficult. See an example. Look exactly how the connection states change in the table / proc / net / ip_conntrack. The first condition is reported on the receipt of an initial SYN packet in the connection.
    tcp 6 117 SYN_SENT src = dst = sport = 1031 \
    dport = 23 [UNREPLIED] src = dst = sport = 23 \
    dport = 1031 use = 1

    As we stated in the entry above, we have a precise state in which a SYN packet was sent, (the SYN_SENT flag is set), and for which no reply has been sent (as evidenced by the flag [ UNREPLIED]). The next internal state will be attached when we see another packet in the other direction.
    tcp 6 57 SYN_RECV src = dst = sport = 1031 \
    dport = 23 src = dst = sport = 23 dport = 1031 \
    use = 1

    Now we received a SYN / ACK corresponding return. Once this package has been received, the status changed again, this time to SYN_RECV. SYN_RECV tells us that the original SYN was delivered correctly and that the SYN / ACK back to pass through the firewall cleanly. Moreover, the entry for tracing connection has seen traffic in both directions and now considers that it was answered. This is not explicit, but we assume, as was the flag [UNREPLIED] on top. The final stage will be reached when we have seen the ACK in the establishment of a three-way connection.
    tcp 6 431999 ESTABLISHED src = dst = \
    sport = 1031 dport = 23 src = dst = \
    sport = 23 dport = 1031 [ASSURED] use = 1

    n the last example, we received the final ACK in the establishment of a three-way connection and the connection has taken the state ESTABLISHED, provided that the internal mechanisms of iptables are advised. Normally, the data stream will be ASSURED now.

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    Try third party application like SoftPerfect Network Scanner

    features of SoftPerfect Network as below:

    • Not require administrative privileges.
    • Able to detects hardware (MAC) addresses even across routers.
    • Able to detects hidden shared folders and write accessible shares.
    • Able to provide internal and external IP addresses.
    • Retrieves currently logged-on users.
    • Able to launch external third party applications.
    • Able to exports the scans results to files such as HTML, XML, CSV and TXT
    • Supports Wake-On-LAN and remote shutdown.
    • It is absolutely free and no required installation
    • Does not contain any adware, spyware and malware.

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