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Thread: Backup your website Using FileZilla

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    Backup your website Using FileZilla

    Hello ,
    I Want to make backup copy of my site and I have installed FileZilla and Everything is in place but the explanations that my freinds gave me , i cannot understand it , I have a small question. He told me: "in the right column you directly put in /www (the highest folder that you can see), you select all (shift + click) and then drag the contents into the backup folder and it will copy the content "

    I am not sure what do to and feeling shy to ask him again . please help me Tel me How can i backup my site Using Filezilla

    Thank you

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    Re: Backup your website Using FileZilla

    You Can Simply download the files. Downloading the Files will not delete them on the server.this is the case of a website without database . And if you have a database, then FTP is have to retrieve the contents of the FTP and file in the root directory of your web created by the computer software Wampserver that you might have previously installed.

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    Re: Backup your website Using FileZilla

    Open the Filezilla and through the right window, which is your web server, go to the root directory of your Web site. According to the hosts, it can be a directory called www or public_html, but you can also fly directly above when connecting Filezilla. In all cases, is where the file index.html or index.php principal, usually the first page of your site.

    Filezilla left side of the window represents your computer. Go to the Web Directory Wampserver, which is normally in C: \ wamp \ www \ and contains only a file "index.php" you can delete. Select all the contents of the right window (CTRL + A) and upload it with a drag and drop to the directory on the left.

    Once the download is complete, you have already taken the first important step in safeguarding the files on your website.

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    Re: Backup your website Using FileZilla

    In FileZilla , on your right you have your PC and on left the remote PC (either a host or other) it works the same way as if you had 2 windows explorer open side by side , you have transfer from one PC to another by a sliding the content of a window to another. by right-clicking you can create a folder in a windows (backup, backup or otherwise) and drag the files or folders to another window to this new folder

    To download files, the instructions are the opposite of the upload, whereby you would be moving files from the right-side(remote site) to the left-side(local site). After you download your site files from the server(index.html/assets/html) to a specific directory on your computer,

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