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Thread: Hyperlink in Wordpad

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    Hyperlink in Wordpad

    I recently heard about Hyperlink in Wordpad... I was not knowing about it till now... I heard it from a person who knows computer a lot... I was trying to do it..... Does anyone know how to insert hyperlink in wordpad????

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    Re: Hyperlink in Wordpad

    Yes dear even i was not knowing about it... If it is possible please suggest us how is it possible??? I am also interested it knowing that stuff... Because as per my knowledge it is not possible...!

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    Re: Hyperlink in Wordpad

    If i am not mistaken you both might be talking of "wordperfect" then go to tools in that there is a option called hyperlink... But if you talking about wordpad then sorry it does not support interlinking.

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    Re: Hyperlink in Wordpad

    Yes it is possible but only in windows 7 as it has all the latest features the interlinking option is given... For interlinking in in Windows 7 wordpad just use the prefixes...!

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