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Thread: FireFox does not close properly

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    FireFox does not close properly

    I have an serious issue with Mozilla Firefox. When exit the Firefox browser it shows that the windows is close but then after sometime I click back again on the icon of Mozilla Firefox a error pop-ups denoting that it still running. Firefox does not close. Then only after reboot the application work again. I am fed up with this issue. Any suggestion really appreciated.

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    Re: FireFox does not close properly

    The problem is with the application. When you exit Mozilla Firefox then press ctrl+alt+del from the keyboard. Then in the task manager go to the process tab and see firefox.exe. Right click on it and end process. That means your browser is corrupted or any file is causing the improper shut of Firefox. The best option will to get a fresh setup file of Firefox and install it back again. Uninstall it from control panel > add/remove and then reinstall it back again.

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    Re: FireFox does not close properly

    Remove all the plugins from the Firefox browser. This problem is a common which is caused by any improper plugin. The plugin does not allow the browser to close it completely. Just click on Tools and then click on Add on in the Firefox browser. Then go to plugins and disable all. Restart your system and check out weather the problem is solved or not.

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    Re: FireFox does not close properly

    The problem is due to the profile in the browser. To clear this problem you will have to create a new profile in the browser. The profile may have been corrupted or missing. So because of this the browser does not close. To create a new profile close the firefox browser and click on start menu. Type firefox.exe -ProfileManager in the box and hit enter. Create new profile here and then you are done. Restart your system back again to let the settings take effect.

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    Re: FireFox does not close properly

    Ok well I have alreaday done all this and it still does the same thing...any suggestions...I have uninstalled reinstalled...also I uninstalled using Your Uninstaller which removes EVERYTHING no traces what so ever of fire fox left on the computer and reinstalled. So if anything was corrupted doing a fresh installed would of fixed that still same issue. Any one have any ideas.

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    Re: FireFox does not close or open properly without reboot

    Following simple solution worked for me (still using Vista - aargh!) as suddenly, from a few days ago, I was also unable to re-open my Firefox browser without a complete system reboot (see "PS" at bottom for the recently installed program that drove my Vista right off the planet:

    From within your Windows Vista "user" name (not the "admin" user"):

    1. Click "AppData" and select "Roaming", "Mozilla", "Firefox" and "Profiles".
    2. In "Profiles", locate the folder of the "default" user profile (eg. "ytu9wye7.default").
    3. Right click on that "default" profile folder and select "Properties".
    4. From the "General" tab... clear the "Read-only" box if greyed out... or deselect any ticks in that box and click "Apply".

    And voila it was fixed... my "Vista" Firefox browser now opens and closes without having to reboot.


    PS. I also uninstalled the Samsung "Kies" program as that installation caused all sorts of annoying errors which continuously reoccurred. Vista is working heaps better since removing Kies... (got that tip from a forum as well). Will be upgrading to Windows 7 in the next few days.

    Also found the only solution that worked for my Vista - Windows Media Center - which had suddenly stopped updating the EPG... if anyone (particularly in Oz) wants to know how, simply reply to this post.

    My thanks. So grateful that forums like this and others exist, where "real" solutions are offered, as opposed to the generic rubbish... for example, that some of the Microsoft support staff offer.

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