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Thread: How to avoid about:blank pop-ups in Firefox

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    How to avoid about:blank pop-ups in Firefox

    I generally use Firefox as my web browser for surfing internet. Recently I was out of town for one month and this left my computer idle for the time being. Yesterday when I came home I tried to check my emails via Firefox. But this brings a new pop-up besides my current window with "about:blank". I tried closing this but unable to do so. Can you help me to get rid of this about:blank pop-ups in Firefox?

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    Re: How to avoid about:blank pop-ups in Firefox

    This seems to be a virus or trojan activity which must be removed as soon as possible. Try running HijackThis on your computer in Safe Mode and let it 'fix'. If it is still unresolved then you can refer to in order to know the various steps that we can take to remove the malware.

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    Re: How to avoid about:blank pop-ups in Firefox

    Do you have any one at home who knows computer and operated it in your absence? If so then he/she might have done something either with the registry or with Firefox causing it to be corrupted. You can try uninstalling the Firefox and reinstalling it once again. Refer to Firefox removal steps. You can also run the Malwarebytes to see if this is some malware activity.

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    Re: How to avoid about:blank pop-ups in Firefox

    There is a bug in Firefox which should be said a security flaw instead. This web browser includes an about:blank page which can be used by attackers to inject queries to infect your computer or can be used to get information from your computer. Having text displayed in a window that has an empty URL bar can confuse the user as to the origin of the displayed data or security prompts. However the security level in very minimal with this. Just an antivirus scan will fix your problem provided you have a good antivirus software.

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