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Thread: Where is the favorites folder in Windows XP Pro

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    Where is the favorites folder in Windows XP Pro

    I always used to keep my favorites folder on a separate drive so that it never gets lost. But today I formatted my computer and so everything got initialized including IE. So I want to restore my favorites folder on IE. But I forgot the exact location of favorites folder. Can anyone provide the exact location of Favorites folder in Windows XP Pro?

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    Re: Where is the favorites folder in Windows XP Pro

    Favorites folder is basically hidden in Windows to avoid changes in it. In order to see this folder go to Windows Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - View tab. Select "Show hidden files and folders" checkbox. Now go to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName. You should find a folder named "Favorites". If you want to see this folder in the near future then right-click on it and select "unhide".

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    Re: Where is the favorites folder in Windows XP Pro

    Since you use to keep the folder on other drive, you might want to do that again. There is 2 possible solution for this: registry tweak or using tweak UI software.

    Registry tweak:

    Go to Start, select Run and type "Regedit". Press Enter.

    Find the below registry key:
    HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders.

    In the right pane, right click Favorites, select Modify and choose Change path.

    Tweak UI:

    Install TweakUI on your computer. Now Click the "My Computer" link. Click "Special Folders". Expand the right pane and choose "Favorites". Click on "Change Locations". Simply follow the onscreen instructions and finally click on "OK" button to close Tweak UI.

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    Re: Where is the favorites folder in Windows XP Pro

    "Find Favorites" is a free software that searches IE favorites. The favorites that it founds are shown as list which you can open using your default browser. "Find Favorites" runs only on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. "Find Favorites" will reside on the system tray, near the clock for easy access. The latest version available is 3.01.

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