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Thread: Notification Icon in System Tray

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    Notification Icon in System Tray

    When I connect my pc to the internet then system denotes that it is connected by the icon on the system tray does not comes up. Except the dialer the internet connection notification is not showned by windows. I had re-installed the dialer but still the small two computer icon is not available. The problem is same with LAN connection. My net works fine but the notification icon is invisible. What can be the issue behind this.

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    Re: Notification Icon in System Tray

    This is not a big issue. Here is a simple solution for this. You can restore the icon back from My Network Places. Go to Start menu and click on Connect To. Or go to your My Network Places folder and click on Show Network Connection on the left side. Then right click on your default internet connection and select on properties. In the first window see down and tick on the box of show notification. Exit it. The icon will be restored.

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    Re: Notification Icon in System Tray

    The issue is with the configuration settings of a dialer. If you are using a third party dialer then it is possible that it can create problem for your. Set up a windows dial up connection. To do this go to My Network places and click on Set up Connection. Click on Dial up and follow the wizard. Give the phone no which is by default #777 always. But varies for different type of connections. Then automatically a dialer will on your desktop alongwith the notification icon.

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    Re: Notification Icon in System Tray

    Just enable the notification icon by right clicking on your dialer and selecting properties. If it is a third party then nothing will come. But if it is a windows dial up then in box select the second last option. In the same way follow the same steps for a LAN connection. The icon is enabled and disabled from the dial up properties box. So in future whenever you dial a connection or connect to a LAN then the icon will display the status.

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