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Thread: How to block out activex controls

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    How to block out activex controls

    I am using internet explorer to access internet. There are many website with ActiveX Controls functionality which can damage computer data. Does anyone know how to block out activex controls.

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    Re: How to block out activex controls

    From Internet Explorer, choose "Tools" then "Internet Options". After selecting internet option you will see that dialog box appear with multiple tab. Click on security button. Click "Internet". Click the "Custom Level" button. When the "Custom Level" dialog box appears, disable all options underneath the heading "ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins". Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

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    Re: How to block out activex controls

    To block out activex controls follow this steps :

    Internet Explorer select Tools > Internet Options > select the Security tab from window which comes with multiple tab > Click Trusted Sites > Click the Sites button > enter the site name which you regularly visit or trustworthy click on add button > click OK.

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    Re: How to block out activex controls

    Flash and Pics Control is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to easily enable or disable Flash, pictures, cookies, java script, java applets or ActiveX right from Internet Explorer. Having Flash and pictures disabled lets you reduce the amount of incoming traffic and, thus, saves you money. Disabled Flash animation (mostly, advertising) will also considerably reduce a web page loading time. Disabling java script, applets, cookies and ActiveX will make Internet Explorer less vulnerable when visiting web sites you don't trust.

    Download Flash and Pics Control 2.4

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