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Thread: Program to make website faster

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    Program to make website faster

    hi ,
    i am having Hathaway internet broadband but while surfing speed is slow i ned to wait lot so is there any program to make website load faster ? please help me .

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    Re: Program to make website faster

    i dont this is possible in way as if you have slow internet connection so check that first your internet connection speed like if it is 64kbps you must get download speed of 8kbps if you have 256kbps you must get 32kbps that means speed/ 8 is downloading speed. so i think only way to make faster your website

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    Re: Program to make website faster

    try SpeedOptimizer SpeedOptimizer will optimize variety of Internet connection (such as: dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, T1, etc.), network and ethernet cards.

    The SpeedOptimizer will optimize your Internet-related data transmission including loading of web page elements (text and graphics), downloading, uploading and streaming of content (music, movies, games, clips, etc.), delivery of email messages and attachments (transmission and receipt), and performance of web based applications (such as online games).

    The SpeedOptimizer operates regardless of the browser, email client, or ISP network configuration. At the end of the process you will be issued an Optimization Report listing the settings that have been optimized.

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    Re: Program to make website faster

    you can not make website faster.It is often possible to make the contents of a web page take fewer bytes without changing the appearance or function of the page. Reducing the number of bytes a client has to download makes the page load faster that depend on site developer as that can be also done in several ways like using YSlow, it is a tool which also gives excellent advice to make web pages faster.

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