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Thread: What is free website advertisement?

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    What is free website advertisement?


    My friends were talking about free website advertisement last night.
    Can anyone here please make me understand what is this free website advertisement?
    How to do this free website advertisement? Is it helpful?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What is free website advertisement?

    I think you first need to go through this topic.
    How to setup a website

    I hope this help you understand how to setup an website & now you will understand the free website advertisement

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    Re: What is free website advertisement?

    Basically its all about making money from your website for you.
    People do a lot of stuff to get popular so that they can get a good amount on their investment in their site. basically they target what is the core area of functionality. Then they provide various services to users on their website. The website needs to be viewed by people & get ranked in search engines. Its SEO actually.
    You need to learn a lot about internet advertising that will automatically make aware of free web advertisement.
    I hope you read articles available on the internet & it will let you know what is free website advertisement.

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    Re: What is free website advertisement?

    When your website is shown on some other website as a hyperlink its your sites advertisement. If you get a site that will say that your site is good & tell their visitors to go to your site then this is advertisement for your site. Now people wont do this for your website & drive their traffic to your site, unless they are tied up with you under some agreement or other purpose or you are paying them for this.
    But when some sites make advertisement for your site for no money then its free advertisement. Here's what you can do to drive traffic to your website:
    Post blogs about your site on other sites.
    Do social bookmarking- Search bookmarking sites.
    Use keywords library for your websites content & topics.

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